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Creating your own unique site is easier than you think

Hostfare takes the complexity out of developing a website so you can let your creativity flow.

Clean, uncluttered and intuitive

Professional Designs
Choose your unique style

Website Editor
Easy upload your content

Socal Marketing
Tools to help you succeed

Lead Generation
Capture & communicate

Grow your audience

Access your site anywhere

Search Engine/SEO
Get targeted traffic

Web Design Services
We'll build it for you

Expert Support
Your success is important

Reliable Hosting
High security and fast speed

 Professional Designs Advanced Social Tools

The latest in clean, uncluttered, beautiful designs.  Our designs are the starting point to get you where you want to be.
Everything you need to drive social traffic to your site is built in.
Website Editor Website and Design
You won't need to know HTML to create your site, but if you do, we won't get in your way. Add functions to a page simply by clicking a button.  Audio, video, ecommerce, and more.
The most advanced site editor system available.  Add blogs, message boards, calendars, photo galleries and many more. Complete design flexibility.
Lead Generation Search and Marketing
Contact/lead database, custom form builder, integrated mailing list and an auto response email system.
Marketing guide, built in SEO tools, integration with Google webmaster tools.
 Expert support  Reliable Hosting
With online tutorials and an experienced support staff, we are here to help you get started with your site.


High performance, reliable hosting from HostFare with integrated Content Distribution Network.


HostFare is not only fast and easy to use, it's packed with powerful features. Expand and enhance your site with a huge variety of tools and options that will keep your site fresh and interesting – and your visitors coming back for more.


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